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Supply for Furnace Crowns Refractories
New Furnace Constructions
Troubleshooting for Glass
Manufacturing processes
Lubitech Enterprizes was established in 2005. With over 5 years of being in this industry for providing World Class services related to Glass Melting Furnaces in Glass Manufacturing Companies, Lubitech Enterprises is now the Authorized Marketing and Supplying Agent for some of Systems.
A big achievement of Lubisol Engineering Co. is the new method for hot repair and hermetic sealing of silica crowns.
We offer the Lubisol Si-Seal kit, together with the know-how and a detailed application technology.
Lubisol Engineering Co. (Bulgaria)
Tata Refractory Limited (TRL)
M/s Henan Chief Way Industry Co. Ltd.
M/s Shinecarry Industries Co. (China)
M/s Zhengzhou Firebird Industry (China)
SVA Industries Fernseh GmbH (Germany)
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