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1. Furnace Designs:

We provide Furnace designs for the following

  1. Container Glass from 5 tons to 350 tons per day capacity
  2. Float Glass from 250 tons to 800 tons per day capacity
2. Supply of Refractories:

We supply complete range of Refractories required for glass furnaces including

  1. Complete range of Fused cast Refractories
  2. All types of Bonded Refractories like Silica, Magnesite, Chrome Magnesite, Magnesite Zircon and All types of Alumina based products including Mulite and High Alumina Bricks and All types of Shapes.
  3. We specialize in supply of World class Silica Crown Insulation
  4. All types of Insulating Refractories
  5. All types of Ceramic Fibre based insulations.
3. Hot Repair:

1. Hermetic Sealing and Hot repair of Silica Crowns

A big achievement of Lubisol Engineering Co. is the new method for hot repair and hermetic sealing of silica crowns. This method was created by us after long studies and investigations on the mechanism of alkaline corrosion in silica crowns. As a result we came to the important conclusion, that the condensation corrosion can be reduced or totally eliminated by a hermetic sealing of the silica crown, thus preventing the movement and passing through of hot flue gases through the crown joints.

Our company offers the Lubisol Si-Seal kit, together with the know-how and a detailed application technology. The application is easy and simple, no special equipments are needed. Positive results are guaranteed by the supplier. This is the best solution to the corrosion and rat-hole problems in glass furnace silica crowns. The Si-Seal kit proved to be the most suitable material for this purpose, and it is available on stock for quick deliveries.


2. Hot repairs of Regenerators

We also undertake all types of Hot repairs of Furnace Regenerators including the mechanical and thermal cleaning of the Checker work. We also undertake replacement of badly damaged checker work in running furnace conditions.

3. Patching of Glass contact Electrocast Blocks including the metalline areas.

4. Furnace Construction (Cold Repair or New Constructions)

We undertake complete supply of skilled man power and supervision for laying of Refractories of new furnace constructions as well as old repairs and rebuilds.

5. Fabricaton

We also undertake complete Steel fabrication and Erection work for new furnace constructions as well as Rebuilds and Cold Repairs.

6. Furnace Online Camera Systems

We supply world class furnace monitoring Online CCTV Camera Systems. Our Camera Systems have an additional feature of storing the recordings for a longer time period depending on the  customer’s requirements. The data can be very useful in monitoring the  following:

  1. Combustion and the flame conditions inside the furnace constantly resulting in Huge fuel savings.
  2. Bubbling system in the furnace which can improve Glass Quality considerably
  3. The condition of the refractories inside the furnace giving early indications of the damages taking place so that the preventive actions can be taken in advance to enhance the furnace life.
  4. The movement of batch inside the furnace results in improving the glass quality and productivity.

Our Camera Systems can be installed for Top Roll Monitoring in Float Glass Furnaces.

  1. Permanent Monitoring of the top rolls enables you to realize anomalies instantly so that manufacturing people can react and correct immediately.
  2. It also reduces time changeover of the glass width and thickness considerably.
  3. You can control up to 3 top rolls by one camera system at a time.
  4. Distance between glass rim and glass track can be monitored which improves the production efficiency.
7. Glass Moulds and Equipments

Glass Moulds
We supply excellent quality of all types of Glass Moulds manufactured with very high degree of Precision and accuracy.

Thermo Couples
We supply all types of Glass Contact Thermo couples as well as non contact temperature measuring systems, including fibre glass optics.

Glass Plant and Machineries
In addition to the above services we also guide our clients for selection and procurement of all types of Glass Manufacturing Machines and Process Equipments for setting up the Turn Key Projects.

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