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Lubisol Engineering Co.

We at Lubitech Enterprises specialize in Hot Repair Solutions and Rat hole Management system specially designed by Lubisol Engineering Co. This System has been specially designed after years of research and inputs from world known glass producers. A special Si- Seal hot repair kit has been developed by Lubisol Engineering Co.  for this and is currently being used in more than 40 countries all over the world with unbelievable positive results.

We are the Official Representative of Lubisol Engineering Co. for the Silica Crown Insulations for the Glass Melting Furnaces. The insulation provided by Lubisol is today the best insulation package in the world. It is in operation in more than 40 countries throughout the world and is being recommended by SORG and HORN for their furnaces all over the world.

Tata Refractory Limited (TRL):
Tata Group is one of the Largest Industrial Houses in India and is reputed for their product quality, this is comparable to any world class product, at times even better. TRL is the leading refractory manufacture in India meeting the demands of Refractories for the Steel, Glass, Non-ferrous and Petrochemical industries both in India and Abroad. TRL is the number one Refractories company in India with around 23% of the market share. TRL has widest range of products in its basket.  Lubitech Enterprises are the Authorized agents for Marketing their products to the Glass industries in India and many other parts of the World.
Our Chinese  Partners

1. M/s  Henan Chief Way Industry Co. Ltd.

Henan Province Chief Way Industry Co., Ltd was founded in the late-1980s in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.With the support from the society and customers,as well as the advantage of convenient and rich material resources, the company has created the famous trademark – “Chief Way” in the field of electrofused refractory and cultivated "Self-discipline and Social Commitment" as the essence of the enterprise culture after nearly 20 years course of hardship.

Lubitech Enterprises has a marketing tie- up with M/s Henan Chief Way Industry Co. ltd. For the supply of all type of Electrocast refractories.

2. M/s Shinecarry Industries Co.

M/s Shinecarry Industries Co. is one of the leading distributers of Chinese Refractories. Lubitech Enterprises has a marketing tie- up with these major reputed suppliers who deal with the supply of the following refractories
  1. Fused Cast Refractories: β alumina bricks, α-β alumina bricks
  2. Sintered Refractories: Silica bricks, Fireclay bricks, Mullite bricks, Silimanite bricks, Andalusite bricks, Magnesia bricks, Corundum products ,Insulation firebricks, Ceramic fibre products.
  3. Related Products: Monolithic refractories, Thermo couple sheath, Quartz ceramic products, Crucibles.

3. M/s Zhengzhou Firbird Industry:

M/s Zhengzhou Firebird Industry is founded on the principle of quality, value and service, and it is a professional provider of refractories and related high temperature materials in China. Firebird’s philosophy is simple "Make a quality product, have it be worth of repeat ordering" which is accomplished by combining the convenience of regional manufacturing partners with the strength of its continuous improvement.
We also have a marketing tie up with M/s Zhengzhou Firebird Industry which deal with the supply of the following Refractories

  1. All types of Ceramic Insulations including Ceramic Boards and Blankets
  2. All types of Fireclay based insulating materials
SVA Industries Fernseh GmbH (Germany)

Lubitech Enterprises also has been Associated with SVA Industries Fernseh GmbH, Germany who specialise in Firing Chamber Monitoring Systems for more than 30 years. SVA has been producing these Monitoring Systems which have been used in different Glass Industries Worldwide.
Lubitech Enterprises are the Official Representative/Marketing Agents for SVA Industries Fernseh GmbH, Germany for their Online Furnace Camera Systems consisting of the following equipments. :

  1. Furnace Probe,
  2. Media Cabinet,
  3.  Retraction Device,
  4.  Toproll Camera Support,
  5. Furnace Probe for Mobile Use,
  6. Measurement of Glasswidth
Glass Global, Gemany:

Lubitech Enterprises are the official representative of Glass, a website completely dedicated to the glass industries all over the world.

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